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Admission open for the  academic session of 2016-2017

SIMTS runs purly autonomous courses

SIMTS never asking any fee anyone's personal

accound even if any students made their

payment so SIMTS will not responsible.

After admission students must verify their admission

via Student zone, if his/her admission not showing

in admission Verification they must contact their

counselor or our

admin department or you can complain at 

For company: Company can verify of submitted

documents via Student Zone->Admission verification

or you can email us at

Note: we required whole documents of students

whom you want to verify and consolodited Mark

Card is must in case if you have not enclosed

any document so we are unable to

clear student's verification


About Us


Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science have gained the auspicious status of being one of the best distance education institute in India. In the strategy of survey, we occur as the top marking institute in terms of excellence of education, placement witness, facilitating infrastructure, well-managed faculty, and many more. The total programme of us is plan-based that can reach the candidate to the uppermost level of success. Satyam Institute for Management Technology & Science is an international Distance autonomous B-school established Since 1998 under the SANDHYA EDUCATION TRUST. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified. We are Registered with NCT Delhi and Registration No. (2015026913) under Department of Labour Govt of India. Our Distance Education programme is committed to provide online training career-oriented educational programmes at the Diploma, Bachelor Programme, Postgraduate Diploma and Master Levels through base of students skills.It is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified By KVQA, India and NORSK Akkreditering of Norway for being a "Quality education and online training provider". 


Our objectives of the Distance Education Program is to provide high quality, value-based, career-oriented education to the student and working professionals. To facilitate students in understanding, developing, integrating and applying both core and specialized concepts and practices. To provide students with a stimulating and learning-friendly atmosphere so that they can utilize their intellectual capacities to specialize in various areas of study. We provide our students an environment for IT & Management training for DBA, BBA, MBA, EMBA, PGDBM, DCA, BCA, MCA, PGDCA, B.E. and M.E.


About Distance Education:

Today, in every walk of modern life, information and communication technology has become the base for development in every sphire, including education. This new and changing demand for education has led to the inception of a new era, the era of Distance Education, which has reconfigured the way a student learns. From home assignments/tutorials to web based instruction and online learning, Distance Education has emerged as the most remarkable technology based innovation in education. 
Distance Education has brought education to the doorstep of the learner and opened paths for progression to all Due to the Distance Education is no longer the second choice, but is a preferred mode of education of an individual.
Distance Education endows an unmatched flexibility among its students by virtue of which even working professionals, entrepreneurs or  housewives can look forward to pursue higher education and upgrade their knowledge, while continuing to do whatever they are doing.
Today, Distance Education makes a significant contribution in higher education as it has become the most relevant and appropriate revolution in the development of education to meet the challenges of access, afford ability and suitability.
Why Distance Education:
Distance Education makes lifelong learning possible, distance education access to education, distance education offers convenience flexibility and afford ability. The benefits of distance education are innumerable.


Creation and establishment of a versatile and credible Distance Education system across the globe, thereby,  realizing the precept of 'Educating India and Educating the World'.

To provide affordable learning opportunities to higher education seekers, so as to make quality education accessible to  every individual irrespective of his/her residence, language, background and age.

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