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Admission open for the  academic session of 2019-20

If you receive any call/Email, first of all

verify that number/E-mail ID by Email us.

SIMTS runs purly autonomous courses

Accreditations for Courses:

Management Courses are accredited by

IACDL, France

Technical Courses are accredited by

IACDL, France

Computer/IT Courses are accredited by

IACDL, France


SIMTS never asking any fee anyone's personal

account even if, any student made their

payment so SIMTS will not responsible.

After admission students must verify their admission

via Student zone, if his/her admission not showing

in admission Verification they must contact their

counselor or email  to 

admin department or you can complain at 

For company: Company can verify of submitted

documents via Student Zone->Admission verification

or you can email us at

Note: we required whole documents of students

whom you want to verify and Consolodited Mark

Card is must in case if you have not enclosed

any document so we are unable to

clear student's verification


About Us


Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science (Recog. by "International Accreditation Centre for Distance Learning"-IACDL, FRANCE) have gained the auspicious status of being one of the best distance education institute in India. In the strategy of survey, we occur as the top marking institute in terms of excellence of education, placement witness, facilitating infrastructure, well-managed faculty, and many more. The total programme of us is plan-based that can reach the candidate to the uppermost level of success. Satyam Institute for Management Technology & Science is an international Distance autonomous B-school established Since 1998 under the SANDHYA EDUCATION SOCIETY. It is an ISO 9001:2008 & 9001:2015 certified. We are Registered with NCT Delhi and Registration No. (2015026913) under Department of Labour Govt of India (Act, 1954). Our Online Certification Education programme is committed to provide online training career-oriented educational programmes at the Diploma, Bachelor Programme, Postgraduate Diploma Programme and Master Level Programmes through base of students skills. It is an ISO 9001:2008 & 9001:2015 Certified By KVQA, India and NORSK Akkreditering of Norway (Under Quality Management Systems-QMS) for being a "Quality education and online training provider". 

Accreditations for Courses:

Management Courses are accredited by International Accreditation for Management Schools-IAMS, PRETORIA, South Africa

Technical Courses are accredited by International Accreditation Centre for Distance Learning-IACDL, FRANCE

Computer/IT Courses are accredited by International Accreditation Centre for Distance Learning-IACDL, FRANCE


Our objectives of the Online Education Programme is to provide high quality, value-based, career-oriented education to the student and working professionals. To facilitate students in understanding, developing, integrating and applying both core and specialized concepts and practices. To provide students with a stimulating and learning-friendly atmosphere so that they can utilize their intellectual capacities to specialize in various areas of study. We provide our students an environment for IT & Management training for ADBM, BBA, BBM, MBA, EMBA, PGDBM, DCA, BCA, MCA, PGDCA, DE, BE, & ME

About Online Education:

Today, in every walk of modern life, information and communication technology has become the base for development in every sphire, including education. This new and changing demand for education has led to the inception of a new era, the era of Online Education, which has reconfigured the way a student learns. From home assignments/tutorials to web based instruction and online learning, Online Education has emerged as the most remarkable technology based innovation in education. 
Online Education has brought education to the doorstep of the learner and opened paths for progression to all Due to the Online Education is no longer the second choice, but is a preferred mode of education of an individual.
Online Education endows an unmatched flexibility among its students by virtue of which even working professionals, entrepreneurs or  housewives can look forward to pursue higher education and upgrade their knowledge, while continuing to do whatever they are doing.
Today, Online Education makes a significant contribution in higher education as it has become the most relevant and appropriate revolution in the development of education to meet the challenges of access, afford ability and suitability.
Why Online Education:
Online Education makes lifelong learning possible, online education access to education, online education offers convenience flexibility and afford ability. The benefits of online education are innumerable.

enlightenedSatyam Institute for Management Technology and Science Gives you opportunity to complete higher Education through online, base on their experience and skills

Study Anytime Anywhere.........!

Without leaving Job


Creation and establishment of a versatile and credible Distance Education system across the globe, thereby,  realizing the precept of 'Educating India and Educating the World'.

To provide affordable learning opportunities to higher education seekers, so as to make quality education accessible to  every individual irrespective of his/her residence, language, background and age.

Q.1  What is Autonomous Institute?

Ans. Academic independence which gives it the freedom to revise the syllabus with time and follow a schedule which is more suitable for the set curriculum. Exams are conducted by the institute itself and are in accordance with what is being taught during the session.If an institute has no affiliation from any University / AICTE - then what is that status -that institute is called autonomous institute.

Q.2  How do I complete exams?

Ans. Students need to choose a proctor for exams. Exams will be mailed to the proctor with all instructions included. The exam proctor could be an HR person, a supervisor or a local librarian, but the proctor may not be a co-worker or subordinate.

Q.3 How do I submit assignments/homework?

Ans. After your registration is complete and before classes begin, you will receive an email with full information about homework submission.

Q.4 Am I required to visit or be on campus?

Ans. We often have distance students visit OSC and tour our building, but it is not required. Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science provide 2 types of examination to the students 
I- Online: Exam will held online on Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science portal with the time duration and 
II-Center: if any student choose this option then they can choose our nearest branch for examination, they must have to appeare on time of examination which have been choosen exam center by the candidate.

Q.5  Cost & Benefits

Ans. When establishing a online distance education programme, one of the first things considered is the cost of the system. Several cost components factor into the design of a distance education system:
I. Technology - hardware (e.g., videotape players, cameras) and software (e.g., computer programs).
II. Transmission - the on-going expense of leasing transmission access (e.g., T-1, satellite, microwave).
III. Maintenance - repairing and updating equipment.
IV. Infrastructure - the foundational network and telecommunications infrastructure located at the originating and receiving campuses.
V. Production - technological and personnel support required to develop and adapt teaching materials.
VI. Support - miscellaneous expenses needed to ensure the system works successfully including administrative costs, registration, advising/counselling, local support costs, facilities, and overhead costs.
VII. Personnel - to staff all functions previously described.

Q.6  Is distance education valid for Government / Private jobs?

Ans. The distance education is such a mode of education, which is completely recognized by government, all its properties its functions and its working process has the approval of government. It is government which decided to start such type of courses, in order to provide assistance to those who do not have time to study well, as they need to earn for their livelihood. "It depends on Job Eligibility Requirement"

Q.7  Name The Key Players in Distance Education.

Ans. The following briefly describes the roles of these key players in the distance education enterprise and the challenges they face. Students - Meeting the instructional needs of students is the cornerstone of every effective distance education programme, and the test by which all efforts in the field are judged. Regardless of the educational context, the primary role of the student is to learn. This is a daunting task under the best of circumstances, requiring motivation, planning, and an ability to analyse and apply the instructional content being taught. When instruction is delivered at a distance, additional challenges result because students are often separated from others sharing their backgrounds and interests, have few if any opportunities to interact with teachers outside of class, and must rely on technical linkages to bridge the gap separating class participants. Faculty - The success of any distance education effort rests squarely on the shoulders of the faculty. In a traditional classroom setting, the instructor`s responsibility includes assembling course content and developing an understanding of student needs. Special challenges confront those teaching at a distance. For example, the instructor must: Develop an understanding of the characteristics and needs of distant students with little first-hand experience and limited, if any, face-to-face contact. Adapt teaching styles taking into consideration the needs and expectations of multiple, often diverse, audiences. Develop a working understanding of delivery technology, while remaining focused on their teaching role.Function effectively as a skilled facilitator as well as content provider. 
Facilitators - The instructor often finds it beneficial to rely on a site facilitator to act as a bridge between the students and the instructor. To be effective, a facilitator must understand the students being served and the instructor`s expectations. Most importantly, the facilitator must be willing to follow the directive established by the teacher. Where budget and logistics permit, the role of on-site facilitators has increased even in classes in which they have little, if any, content expertise. At a minimum, they set up equipment, collect assignments, proctor tests, and act as the instructor`s on-site eyes and ears.
Support Staff - These individuals are the silent heroes of the distance education enterprise and ensure that the myriad details required for program success are dealt with effectively. Most successful distance education programs consolidate support service functions to include student registration, materials duplication and distribution, textbook ordering, securing of copyright clearances, facilities scheduling, processing grade reports, managing technical resources, etc.. Support personnel are truly the glue that keeps the distance education effort together and on track.
Administrators - Although administrators are typically influential in planning an institution`s distance education program, they often lose contact or relinquish control to technical managers once the program is operational. Effective distance education administrators are more than idea people. They are consensus builders, decision makers, and referees. They work closely with technical and support service personnel, ensuring that technological resources are effectively deployed to further the institution`s academic mission. Most importantly, they maintain an academic focus, realizing that meeting the instructional needs of distant students is their ultimate responsibility.

Q.8  What is Distance Education?

Ans. Distance education, distance learning called D-Learning is a mode of delivering education and instruction, often on an individual basis, to students who are not physically present in a traditional setting such as a classroom. Distance learning provides "access to learning when the source of information and the learners are separated by time and distance, or both.

Q.9  Is your institute approved by AICTE &/or UGC? If not then what kind approval has Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science?

Ans. The few points given below:

• No, Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science is not approved by AICTE, because Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science is an autonomous institute and AICTE not provides it's approval to any distance or online course. AICTE provides it's approval only to the regular Institute and University

  • • Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science runing under Department of Labour NCT Delhi Govt. of India, and ISO 9001:2008 & 9001:2015 certified international online B-School
  • • Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science is an independent Institute that's why Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science running it's whole course by Internation Membership and affiliations 
  • • Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science' all course has required membership or affiliation as per required and it's all course designed accoding to industrial requirements 
  • • As far as UGC is concerned, they give grants to a university and we are not a university.

Q.10 Who can join your Institute?

Ans. Every working professionals, House wife & who were unable to complete their course due to any reason.

Q.11 When I pay my fee to the Institute, for joing the course then, what kind of proof provide to my assurance for institute's side?

Ans. Well, first of all I would like to tell that you will be paid your fee in institute's account that means your fee has been subimeted into institute account and after submitting fee by you, you will get fee receipts soft copy via email and confirmation call as well as.
Note: Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science not asking any payment in anyone's personal account, even you made your payment in anyone's personal account in this case Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science not responsible about this 

Q.12 What is the procedures of taking admission?


1-Online Admission Procedures:

You can fee online application from our website according to application instructions then email us your whole sporting documents for the relevent course you want to take admission then you will received Email and Call within 2 or 3 working days about your documents which you have been submitted to admission. If you will get information that your admission is confirm then you have to submit your fee as given time by administration department but if you will delay to submit fee you have start again admission procedure.

2-Offline admission Procedure:

Step-I- You have take print-out of the Application Form then fill it carefully as per the requirement,

Step-II- Enclosed your whole supporting document for the course which you want to joi

Step-III- Dispatch your documents with DD (Demand Draft of your Fee at Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science address.

Step-IV- When your courier delivered our admin will inform you, after that 2 or 3 working days you will receive Email and Call regarding admission done or not then we will deposit your DD into institute account in case your documents rejected due to any reason we will return your DD on the same day to your given address. 

Q.13 How can I pay my fee in institute for admission?

Ans. You can submit fee by 3 options:
a) DD {Demand Draft} in favour of "Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science" Payable at Delhi
b) Through Net Banking (After transaction you must provide transaction receipt at info@Satyam Institute for Management Technology and
c) Through Mobile Banking (After transaction you must provide transaction receipt at info@Satyam Institute for Management Technology and



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50% Scholarship For Every Students for session of 2019-2020


Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science, we are very happy to announce the announcement to the students that, scholarships of 50% is being provided by Sandhya Education Society.

This scholarship is on all the Courses given by Satyam Institute for Management Technology and Science. The benefit of this scholarship can be picked up by all the students.

These scholarships have been looked after in the minds of students who have not been able to complete their education for any reason, and our purpose is to give full advantage of this scholarship to the student so that they can complete educational gap.

Along with this, the students can get admission in the courses provided by the Satyam Institute only by paying the registration fee, and the rest of the fee which will be reduced by 50%, can be deposited per month or the accumulation deposit of the semester.

Admission Process:
  • E-mail us soft copies of documents at
  • Administration Department will check your documents and then send all details to your email, then you need to do further process for processing of admission.
We required following documents for the admission ("Make sure that all documents are self-attested"):
  • Documents (All Qualification, as per the course eligibility)
  • ID and address proof 
  • 3 passport size photographs
  • Application Form (You will get in your email ID)
  • Fee by DD/ATM/Debit/Credit card/Mobile banking/Net Banking/UPI etc...

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